A combination of text and graphics. There is a pink crayon squiggle in the upper left corner, and a pink and a purple crayon in the upper right corner. On the bottom left and right corners are graphics of a rattle and a bottle, respectively. Text says: Welcome to... Your Agere Friend. Your home for all things age regression!
A soft, smiling, golden brown teddy bear tilts his head and is facing the camera.

Meet Teddy!

Teddy is a cuddly bear who is here to help age regressors be the happiest little ones they can be!

From helpful posts, to fun coloring pages and more, follow Teddy around the site and you’ll be sure to have a great time regressing!

On the blog, you’ll find Little Posts, and Big Posts!

Little Posts are posts you can read when you’re regressing, and looking for ideas like fun games or cute outfits to wear!

Big Posts are for more serious topics, best read when you’re feeling Big.

Not an age regressor? Your Agere Friend has something for you, too!

Whether you’re a caregiver for an age regressor, a friend or family member of an age regressor, or you’re just curious about age regression, Your Agere Friend is a resource for all things age regression!

Please Note: Your Agere Friend is not run by a mental health professional and is not intended to be used as a replacement for professional mental health or other psychological advice. If you suspect that age regression has become harmful for you or a loved one, please seek the appropriate professional resources. Please use this website responsibly and remember that you do not have to agree with all opinions expressed here.

Due to the nature of this website (Your Agere Friend), it is imperative that this space is kept safe for anyone who may be age regressing when they engage with it. Please keep comments and other engagement child-appropriate, and be mindful of how you talk about age regression and age regressors. If it would be damaging to say to a child, do not say it here.

In addition, Your Agere Friend is a kink-free, completely non-sexual space, and is intended for age regressors and those who support them. Age play is not the same thing as age regression, and is not meant for this website. While we’ll do our best to monitor and limit comments on blog posts from people who are engaging in kink rather than age regression, Your Agere Friend is not responsible for the actions of anyone who encounters this website. It is our hope that age players will respect the difference between their kink and age regression and refrain from sharing posts from this website in their kink communities, but that is largely beyond our control.