Is the Age Regression Tumblr Community Safe?

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If you’re an age regressor (or agere caregiver) you’re probably familiar with the concept of age regression Tumblr blogs.

Tumblr is home to many niche blog communities, and agere Tumblr is one of them!

Agere Tumblr blogs are often run by individuals who may be blogging for themselves and are largely non-interactive, or who may be seeking to find community online with other regressors or caregivers.

But the internet can be a scary place, sometimes, leaving people to wonder…

is the age regression Tumblr community safe?

First, let’s take a look at what the agere community on Tumblr actually looks like.

What Is Age Regression Tumblr Like?

Many age regressors find joy or solace in running a Tumblr blog.

On Tumblr, age regressors can post or reblog photos of toys, snacks, pacifiers, stuffed animals, nostalgic cartoons, or other things that make them feel small, safe, and happy.

Some remain very introverted, only liking or sharing posts from a distance, to curate their own youthful space online.

Others form friendships with other regressors, sharing coloring pages they’ve completed, watching movies together, chatting about their favorite things, or being vulnerable about their struggles.

They may also find caregivers or “babysitters” who will message them when they’re regressing, to suggest fun activities for them to do, remind them to take care of themselves (e.g. “Did you drink water today? Go fill up your sippy!”), or be there to listen when a regressor is having a tough day.

Not everyone who runs an age regression tumblr blog is actively regressing every time they’re online.

Some regressors may be partially regressed, or not even regressed at all, but seeking community and saving activity sheets, coloring pages, snack recipes, or other agere tips they find online for future reference.

Is the Age Regression Tumblr Community Safe?

Much like any other corner of the internet, people curate their experience on agere Tumblr in order to get what most benefits them out of it.

But, again like any other corner of the internet, it’s not always safe to be online.

Let’s look at some of the potential problems in the agere Tumblr community.

Age Regression Tumblr Blogs Can Be Run by Anyone

Is that blog really run by an age regressor?

One of the main dangers of the internet in general is that anyone can pretend to be anything.

Someone could be posing as an age regressor, or an agere caregiver, in order to prey on vulnerable people.

This is especially dangerous when we consider that many age regressors are still minors.

How to Stay Safe:

  • Be careful who you follow. Don’t just follow a blog because it has “agere” in the URL; do a little research into their blog and make sure you don’t see any red flags!
  • Be careful who you let follow you! Many agere bloggers have a “Do Not Interact” criteria in their bio, to indicate that they are not open to interacting with people of a certain age, people who are bigoted, people who are into kink, or other factors.
  • If something feels off, trust your gut. Even if the person turns out to be harmless, you’re better off not risking it.
  • Use that block button! And report anyone who reveals themselves to be a creep. Tumblr doesn’t notify people when you block and/or report them, so you don’t need to worry about any retaliation, or hurting their feelings if they weren’t really a creep.

Age Regression Is Sometimes Confused With Age Play

Age regression is NOT age play.

But many of the terms used in both communities overlap, and as a result, it’s very possible (even probable) for an age regressor to stumble upon a kink blog when searching for agere Tumblr content.

This can be extremely upsetting when someone is age regressing, and downright dangerous if the regressor is a minor!

How to Stay Safe:

  • Double check any blog you are considering following, to ensure they are not actually age players. If you’re in doubt, consider sending them a message politely asking them to clarify. (Be careful messaging people online if you are a minor.)
  • Make it clear that you are an agere blog, and that age players are not welcome to follow you, even if their age play is all or mostly non-sexual. Kink of any kind needs to stay far away from age regression!
  • If you are a minor, state so on your blog. Most age players will know better than to follow/interact with minors. (But if they do, hit that block and report button as fast as you can!)
  • Filter out any tags or keywords that are specific to age play. Tumblr has a feature that allows you to block posts if they contain certain words or tags. Some common terms used only by age players are: age play, ageplay, kink, ABDL, BDSM, DDLG, DDLB, MDLG, MDLB, daddy dom, mommy dom, NSFW, and any other generally sexual phrases.

Age Regression Tumblr Is Full of Smaller Communities, and Not All of Them Get Along

Many people who age regress do so as a way to cope with stress, anxiety, depression, or trauma.

The last thing they want to see is infighting in the agere community!

But, due to disagreements on how to cultivate agere spaces online, some agere communities on Tumblr have broken off into warring sides, and sometimes those sides can get pretty hateful of each other!

How to Stay Safe:

  • Check the bios, pinned posts, and FAQs of any blog you’re considering following. Make sure they are not hostile to a community that you identify with.
  • Politely ask your favorite agere blogs to tag posts about community discourse, so you can filter those posts out. (But remember that they do not have to do that, and they may deny your request. You can always unfollow them if you don’t want to see those posts!)

Is Tumblr Causing Age Regression?


But even if it was, that’d be okay because agere isn’t bad!

Tumblr does contain posts that explain age regression, and reading a post about it could lead someone to realize that they experience age regression themselves.

But, no, Tumblr (or any other online community) is not what causes age regression.

People who are prone to age regression may find that seeing age regression posts on Tumblr prompts them to regress, themselves.

To avoid being triggered to regress, it may be best to have two completely separate Tumblr accounts, and only log into the one you use for the agere community when you are open to regressing.

Age Regression Tumblr Can Be a Good Place for Community

We’ve covered areas of concern about the safety of the age regression community on Tumblr.

Now, let’s look at how it can be beneficial!

Especially for age regressors who don’t have anyone offline to connect with, the agere community on Tumblr can help regressors know that they’re not alone.

In a world where people often mock what they don’t understand, it is vital for age regressors to see others who are like them, and to know there’s nothing wrong with regressing.

Age Regression Tumblr is also a great place to find agere activities, like downloadable coloring pages, links to dress-up games, and much much more!

If you decide to engage with the Tumblr agere community, always remember to be kind and stay safe!

Thank you for reading! 💖

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Can you think of any other tips for staying safe online as an age regressor?
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